Warithēn Consultancy

About Me

4Ws and 1H


Merchant at The Attar Oils & Worker at Warithen Consultancy

My expertise are as follows:

  • 10 years of frontend and backend experience in IT
  • Python programming/scripting
  • ArchiMate process modelling
  • BPMN process modelling
  • Cross-business flowchart modelling
  • Business process analysis

Sectors include:

  • Finance
  • Government
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Education


I am here to provide a service, for only as long as you need me.

Warithen is my startup with zero outside funding, so I can do what I enjoy the most and decide the direction of this venture. To spend as much time with my family as I can, while bringing the best out of myself.

This is a much different world today, with AI and machine learning on the rise, working from home is the new de facto. Considering the nature of the profession, I thought to myself .. why not

charge for a service, and be independent


So what can I do?

core service

  • Analysis of processes
  • Mapping of processes

extra on the side

  • Python script
  • VBA scripts
  • Website creation
  • Specification writing (functional)

I am perfect for short projects as Process Analysis roles are never a on a permanent basis. The market always requires one at short notice, and provides only a short-term employment.

I will try my best to take only not more than 2 projects at a time.


When can you start?

Please give me a week or 2 to get ready. I would have to schedule a timetable to accommodate to your time, and prepare a weekly meeting of sort with the person in charge. We would also need to agree on the deliverables format and terms.


Where do we do this?

Process analysis is more than just about processes, it is about the people involved in the process. It is the PEOPLE that run the business that make the processes be. Thus interacting and interviewing with the people involved is crucial for undertaking process mapping tasks.

Based on your requirement, I can either do video/audio calls or come down to your office.

We can work something out 😀


How do you charge and payments?

I charge based on deliverables. What that means is, when I model 10 processes you are only charged for the 10 processes. Simple! And payment is by PayPal.