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Professional process modelling for hire


Business Process analyst

globalSOF Holdings Pte Ltd; Brunei Aug 2013 - Jan 2015

I have modelled processes in BPMN, for government project with Senior Consultants & Enterprise Architects to create a business process proposal.

e-School (Ministry of Education — Saudi Arabia) This project was about transforming the delivery of the education system in Saudi Arabia. It is about creating a software system where students from distant places in the region with no access to qualified teachers can be reached. I analysed the requirements gathered by the Enterprise Architects and model their proposed Business Processes

Over 70 Business Processes Modelled in BPMN

Systems and Process analyst

Maxwell GeoSystems; Singapore Sep 2015 - Apr 2017

I was part of the product team that designed a Civil Engineering Risk Management software, “MissionOS” that assist civil engineers to make informed decisions. This product takes in Instrumentation/Construction Data which is then presents in various forms of Analytics, Graphs, Tables, Reports as well as Data Management for the client. In doing so, I had to write functional specifications which included BPMN models.

Over 10 Business Processes Modelled in BPMN

Process Consultant

Mott MacDonalds; Singapore May 2017 - Jan 2019

I was engaged with Engineers across all sectors either assessing digital ideas and bringing them into fruition, or accessing their current work practices and proposing viable solutions to enhance their process workflow. In the process I had mapped engineering workflows into BPMN standard process maps.

Over 50 Business Processes Modelled in BPMN

Method of work

I would usually draw the initial model sketches from listening to pre-recorded audio and written documents before the need to conduct a live interview. The workflow would be something alone these lines:

  1. Received initial documents
  2. Draft initial sketch and provide questions
  3. Receive answers to questions and Conduct interview
  4. Finalise sketch and wait for model feedback
  5. Re-draw model (considered to be minor revision) until both parties are satisfied

An important note here is that, once I have received the feedback from the initial sketches. I will make the necessary changes to reflect the accuracy of the process recorded. Obviously its not going to correct the very first time, thus there is a limited number of minor revisions that would not be charged, it is free.

However to avoid getting into a infinite loop of minor revisions, once the free limit has reached each minor revision is charged.

Once we have agreed on the final model, it is considered delivered. Thereafter if any changes are required, it will be considered as a Major revision, and the fees for that will apply.


The price below applies for both offsite (purely online) and onsite (person-to-person). The only difference would be that, if it is onsite based project, accommodation and other travel related cost would have be absorbed by the client. We can negotiate on this matter.

Item Price Free of Charge
1 BPMN Model SGD$ 1,000 5 minor revision
1 Minor Revision SGD$ 33 na
1 Major Revision SGD$ 99 na

prices are subjected to change and will be finalised upon agreement

*Although I have several years of experience in mapping BPMN process, I am not certified. Thus I do no provide any certified BPMN models, but I would be likely taking Certification based the volume of request I receive for such a service.